deploy autonomous robots on site

Track solar PV site construction progress

Fully Autonomous Drone Box System

Accurate, on-demand, automatic progress tracking

Our drone boxes can be deployed in any environment and deliver reliable services throughout the year. Wherever you are, access data on the field instantly. See and track the progress of your solar site.

IPad with charts on progress for a solar site construction

Access fully remote on-site robots services to manage your solar farm construction at scale

DBX drone in a box open

Track your solar PV farm progress with centimeter-level precision.

Spot on a solar site for precision measurementsAnomaly detection on a solar site with AI overlay on the panels

Course correct on design implementation errors with the power of artificial intelligence

Collaborate on the go with the on-site teams through the cloud

Mobile app of solar site construction progress trackingH3 Dynamics' drone in a box system DBX with white drone on a dark background

Automatically deploy scanner drones at any time to refresh your construction progress tracking report.

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Laptop with solar site analytics and open DBX drone in a box over solar panels in the background

Autonomous solar farm performance monitoring

Deploy robots on solar sites across the world and gain instant insights thanks to autonomous unmanned drone flight and AI-powered analytics.

Beyond solar construction

A broad choice of reporting services
for solar farm owners & operators

solar construction

Deploy drones at any time to gather insights on the field. Reduce design implementation issues and delays.

Solar inspection

Identify anomalies with automated flight planning and AI. Reduce maintenance costs and increase yields.

Site security

Deploy drones at night and monitor your site for intrusions and security issues.

Site Mapping

Map your entire site and spot the places at risk or fit for development

Workers safety

During operations watch out for workers on site and be first to response in case of safety issue.

perimeter monitoring

Identify vegetation growth and deterioration of the perimeter for immediate action on-site.

Autonomous robots on your solar farm in a matter of weeks

Contact us for more information about the most innovative drone-in-a-box system, DBX Generation 7 and how it can help you put your solar farm at the cutting-edge of robotics and AI-analytics.

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