deploy autonomous robots on-site

Fully autonomous solar farm inspections

Large scale solar park

When solar PV farms grow beyond human scale, on-site robots will help you manage.

Solar farms are increasingly large and difficult to manage, whether it's with traditional reporting methods, or even if you are sending drone pilots to scan them. With H3 Dynamics, just leave the drones on-site and let them report back to you with autonomous cloud-based reporting.


Deploy robots on-site, and just wait for automated reports to come in.

Create a cloud-based digital twin of your site and diagnose anomalies quickly with the power of AI. Analyse in real time and collaborate efficiently directly from an app. You can now engage with the team directly with shareable data. Course correct whenever you detect anomalies in your solar panels or infrastructure.

Two iphones with a picture of a solar site hot spot picture on the left and a list of solar site anomalies on the right

Fully Autonomous Drone Box System

Accurate, on-demand, automatic anomaly detection

Our drone boxes can be deployed in any environment and deliver reliable services throughout the year. Wherever you are, access data on the field instantly. See and track solar panel yields and anomalies of your site.

Ipad with solar site yield analytics in heat map

Access fully remote on-site robots services to manage your solar farm inspection at scale

DBX drone in a box open

Pinpoint the specific PV panels causing production issues and understand the root cause.

Analytics of a solar panelAnalytics heat map of a solar site

Get an instant estimation of the yield and revenue loss associated with anomalies found.

Collaborate on the go with the on-site teams through the cloud

Mobile with solar site analytics applicationThe DBX, drone-in-a-box system by H3 Dynamics, open with a DJI drone on a square blue platform ready to take off.

Deploy scanner drones with thermal cameras and HD cameras on board, for PV panel anomaly detection and site security - all in one.

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Laptop with solar site analytics and open DBX drone in a box over solar panels in the background

Fully autonomous solar farm inspections

Deploy robots on solar sites across the world and gain instant insights thanks to autonomous unmanned drone flight and AI-powered analytics.

Beyond solar construction

Need more remote reporting services?

solar construction

Deploy drones at any time to gather insights on the field. Reduce design implementation issues and delays.

Solar inspection

Identify anomalies with automated flight planning and AI. Reduce maintenance costs and increase yields.

Site security

Deploy drones at night and monitor your site for intrusions and security issues.

Site Mapping

Map your entire site and spot the places at risk or fit for development

Workers safety

During operations watch out for workers on site and be first to response in case of safety issue.

perimeter monitoring

Identify vegetation growth and deterioration of the perimeter for immediate action on-site.

Autonomous robotics on your solar park in a matter of weeks

Contact us for more information about the most innovative drone-in-a-box system, DBX Generation 7 and how it can help you put your solar site at the cutting-edge of robotics and drone-based analytics.

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